Raised Access Flooring

Our raised access flooring comes in heavy-duty grade together with aluminium floor grilles for fitting within your modular data centre – firm under foot yet offering easy access to cabling within your modular data centre creating a clean and safe environment.

Airflow management is one of the areas that data centre managers can make significant energy savings. Many modular data centres are over cooled, mainly due to poor airflow management. There are a number of simple improvements that can be made to a data centre design, that will improve airflow management within the data centre build, from sealing cable openings and blanking unused rack space, to improving the air delivery through floor grilles and balancing intake and exhaust airflow. Examples include:

The PlenaForm Air Baffle System which fits under raised modular data centre floors and directs the cold air to where it is required. Using PlenaForm® allows the under floor area to be segmented improving cooling capacity.

KoldLok Floor grommets reduce bypass airflow, and improve the energy efficiency of the Modular Data Centre cooling system.

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Latest Projects
Northampton NHS Trust
Northampton General Hospital wanted to become more energy efficient enabling it to increase capacity and start to future proof the data centre infrastructure for the increased demands of modern computing. The project was for a 2nd data centre rather than replace the existing  DC as it is in constant use.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
The new data centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn was designed to house the authorities core network switches, servers and storage along with the local passive LAN cabling which would leave room for future expansion and capacity.
Guys & St. Thomas NHS Trust
Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust used available space in their underground car park for their new external modular data centre. This project, complete with full infrastructure was built to ensure maximum security due to the facility being open to the public and with flood proofing due to the close proximity to the River Thames.
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