Expansion of Existing Data Centres

Refreshing or upgrading an existing data centre can be a cost-efficient way of improving the overall reliability and capacity of an existing site. Improvements to cooling and electrical infrastructure can increase availability, substantially improve efficiencies, and should you existing data centre be at risk of failure it is the ideal time to install resilience into the infrastructure.

Expansion of your existing facility often takes place while the data centre is still operational and, in many cases, hindered by the infrastructure already in place.

Our experienced project team can undertake and manage the entire process and will make the expansion of your data centre smooth and stress free. Working as a team with the client we discuss and fully understand their expectations which will determine the correct approach to the expansion plans and will limit any risk to your live IT services.

We believe the key to success is communication with you, the client. With our expertise in data centres and other complex technical environments you can be confident that the impact on day to day operational activities will be minimal.