Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is vital to data centre maintenance. Whether it is capacity planning, asset tagging and tracking, service plans and fault finding, airflow modeling and regression analysis maintaining constant uptime is often crucial to an organisation.

Efficiently designed data centres will have redundant hardware such as UPS, air-conditioning and generators. These should be constantly monitored for any faults in order to avoid impact on the running of the IT services.

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd data centre environmental monitoring solutions will assist you to remotely watch over your critical IT areas. Alerts are sent in the event of air conditioning failure, water ingress, security breaches, high or low humidity levels, fire and a host of other potential threats to your data and hardware.

Alerts can be provided via Email, SNMP, SMS, telephone voice alerts or over the web.


Data centre management software will allow users to collect, record, display and analyse critical performance data from the IT infrastructure and facilities equipment quickly, and easily identify the status of connected equipment providing the information needed to monitor and manage business critical systems effectively. These can be configured to display any preferred combination of maps, graphs and IP camera feeds to provide you with an overview of your network infrastructure from a single screen. Should particular areas of the infrastructure require individual screens, multiple desktops cab be provided.

By monitoring the infrastructure parameters, it will provide an early warning of potential issues allowing the appropriate preventative action to be taken before the live services are affected.