Data Center Energy Efficient Upgrades

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Data Center Energy Efficient Upgrades

Secure I.T. Environments experienced project team can undertake and manage the entire process and will make the upgrade of your data center smooth and stress free. Our expertise in data centers and other complex technical environments very often allows us to carry out energy efficient upgrade projects within a live operational setting.

Data Centers Are More Energy Efficient Than You Think

While Google is the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy, organizations also around the world are taking action on climate change by minimizing the amount of power consumption they need to use for their technology services. Data center operators around the world have worked to make data centers as energy efficient as possible.

Today energy efficient data centers for instance by Google have validated their efforts and those of other leaders in its industry. It found that energy efficiency improvements have kept energy usage almost flat across the world data centers—even though demand in services for cloud computing has skyrocketed.

This shows that while the amount of server computing technology done in data centers has increased the amount of energy consumption by data centers only grew by six percent. These energy efficiency best practices outpaced anything seen in other major sectors of the economy. As a result, while data centers now power more server applications for more people than ever before, they still consume a vast amount of global power consumption within its facilities worldwide


Our Approach

We are able carry out an audit of your existing data center infrastructure, advise you on its current condition, provide an audit report to explain the current condition of the facility, its electricity, power phase balancing and loading, air cooling efficiency and cooling utilisation, redundancy and risk awareness.

Whilst providing you with recommendations to meet energy efficiency improvements and resilience levels we believe the key to the success of any upgrade projects that these fundamental elements often determine the correct approach to the final data centre energy efficient solution.

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