Micro Data Centre Cabinets

The micro data centre cabinet is an all in one solution from Secure I.T. Environments incorporating 19” cabinets, cable management, cooling, UPS, power environmental monitoring and fire suppression – all within a single compact unit.

The micro data centre comes with a host of options including, lighting, door access control, frame colours, own company branding, access ramp, blanking panels and enclosed weather shelter.

With scalability in mind you can purchase a single 19” cabinet and the appropriate cooling system, scaling out over time as budget or requirements allow.

High density applications can be installed in our micro data centre cabinets and offer very efficient operation, able to reach densities of up to 80kW per cabinet when using the 800mm width unit.

Cabinets are available in two heights 40U and 45U and in widths of 400mm, 600mm and 800mm. The 400mm width unit is designed to accommodate an InRow cooling unit whilst the 600mm is a standard width cabinet, the 800mm cabinet chassis is for networking and high-density applications.

Download our Micro Data Centre brochure to learn which of our Micro, Nano or Pico sized data centre cabinets will meet your needs.

Secure I.T. Environments
Micro Data Centre Cabinets


Secure I.T. Environments experienced project team has established an enviable relationship with our clients based on trust, mutual respect and proven performance by listening, understanding and implementing the client’s exact requirements.

Where the needs of a client do not match our standard offering or are conceptual rather than practical, our in-house team of experts will adjust any specification to ensure it is in line with the original objective and ensuring it falls wherever possible in the budget.

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