Intelligent Cabinet Power Distribution Units (PDU`s)

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd Intelligent monitored PDU`s offers its clients a choice of remotely monitoring the current draw of individual outlets using an RS232 serial connection or via Ethernet. Designed for high-density, mission-critical server applications our monitored PDU’s provide reliable, remotely monitored power to data centres for both standard and blade servers.

Secure I.T. Environments PDU’s are available in multiple configurations both in vertical (0U) and 19” horizontal rack mountings and enables the user to remotely monitor the current draw of outlets via an Ethernet connection.

Monitored PDU’s contain digital Ammeters for trouble-free monitoring and management. The multi-channel Ammeter allows the monitoring of current on input and each branch circuit to ensure accurate load balancing.

The Ammeter can manually or automatically scroll through up to eight circuits. The Secure I.T. PDU’s offer a reliable, scalable solution for your current and future requirements.

Key benefits include accurate load balancing, monitoring over Ethernet connection, the simplicity of use, rugged aluminium chassis, numerous standard built-in options to aid monitoring, multiple choices of socket orientation and external earth tags, all designed to suit the latest rack and enclosure designs.

UK, C13 and C19 sockets as standard, UK sockets with a choice of orientation at 45-degree steps and feature self-adjusting cable terminations for increased safety and reliability.