Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment

One of the most widely recognised data centre cooling systems, cold aisle containment manages air flow by restricting the loss of cold air and preventing the mixing of cold and hot air. Designed for server and network cabinets, located within server rooms and data centres, cold aisle containment maximises cooling predictability, capacity, and efficiency. Secure I.T. Environments Ltd range of containment solutions offer the option to include containment to cabinets of all sizes and by all manufacturers.

Hot Aisle Containment

Hot aisle containment has the advantage that the room as a whole is at a comfortable temperature and consists of a physical barrier that guides hot exhaust airflow back to the air conditioning return. Hot aisle containment takes advantage of the natural properties of warm air rising. The system directs the upward airflow to an air conditioning return system such as a drop-ceiling void and by installing this containment system can increase cooling efficiency by 30% or more.

The Benefits of Both Containment Solutions

  • Eliminating “Hot Spots”
  • Reducing air volumes so saving on fan energy
  • Preventing the mixing of cold supply air with hot air so immediately improving energy efficiency
  • Allows increased return temperatures which will further reduce cooling energy
  • Improvement of PUE
  • Lower carbon emissions

Why Choose Secure I.T. Environments Ltd

At Secure I.T. Environments Ltd we have designed and installed a broad range of cold/hot aisle containment and this is now standard practice whenever our in-house team design or refurbish any data centre. Not all simple solutions are equal. ‘Effective’ simplicity needs to be designed. A lot of time and attention is spent by our team attending to the ‘detail’ of our cold or hot aisle containment solutions. This attention to detail ensures our design is constantly evolving and Secure I.T. Environments Ltd team of designers pride ourselves in proposing the most effective cold / hot aisle containment solution available.