Data Centre Access Control & CCTV

Data centre build security is paramount – not only the security of the building structure, but also access controls to the modular data centre. We offer a full range of security and access products including the popular card-swipe entry system and FOB through to more complex systems such as Iris Retina Scanners and Biometric Readers.

Our domed CCTV systems offer 24 hour recorded footage for both internal and external security which means your data centre build is being watched over even when you can't be there, high definition CCTV security cameras for fine detail can be installed within your modular data centre, with the option off Day/Night colour images, thermal imaging for detecting long-range intruders and 360degree domed cameras for full view filming of your modular data centre.

Internal or external modular data centres will have varying security requirements, we can assist in selecting the right one for you.

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Latest Projects
Northampton NHS Trust
Northampton General Hospital wanted to become more energy efficient enabling it to increase capacity and start to future proof the data centre infrastructure for the increased demands of modern computing. The project was for a 2nd data centre rather than replace the existing  DC as it is in constant use.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
The new data centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn was designed to house the authorities core network switches, servers and storage along with the local passive LAN cabling which would leave room for future expansion and capacity.
Guys & St. Thomas NHS Trust
Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust used available space in their underground car park for their new external modular data centre. This project, complete with full infrastructure was built to ensure maximum security due to the facility being open to the public and with flood proofing due to the close proximity to the River Thames.
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