Sustainability: Take pride in our role and raise the bar

Energy efficiency is nothing new to those that work in data centres, it is something that we spend our lives chasing, looking for every improvement we can make.  Advances in technology help of course, but that is not the end of the story – it needs to be managed properly. Sustainability has increasingly become a […]

Taking the heat out of fire suppression

Are you confident that your fire suppression is all in good order?  Ask this of most data centre managers and the answer will be a confident “yes”.  Every responsible DC manager will conduct regular tests of their fire suppression system including cylinder levels and pressure checks, alerts and sensor tests.  Outside of this, they should […]

Wireless DCIM makes more sense than you might think…

When it comes to data centre infrastructure management, it is an area that causes stress for many of the data centre managers that meet.  One of the challenges is that DCIM is an umbrella term that covers a lot of areas from asset management to environment controls, and depending on the complexity of your infrastructure […]

Secure I.T. Environments extends relationship with University of Chichester

We’re pleased to announce today the extension of our long-standing relationship with University of Chichester.  A new multi-year maintenance and support contract has been signed that will see Secure I.T. Environments work across the university’s two sites at Bishop Otter and Bognor. The new contract covers a range of services including repairs, support and preventative […]

Is your electrical testing up to date?

Things are never quiet in the world of data centres – there is always something that needs doing.  Over the last 12 months keeping the data centre running and making sure it can serve everyone’s needs when working remotely has been a major focus of attention. What we do need to be careful of though, […]

Season’s Greetings From all of us at Secure I.T. Environments!

We wanted to take this opportunity as the end of the year draws close to thank all of our customers, staff and partners for their support and hard work throughout 2020.  It has been an incredibly tough time for everyone in both professional and personal lives.  While everyone has been adapting to the impact of […]

Secure I.T. Environments Completes 80-mile Data Centre Migration Over a Weekend for Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

An efficiently executed migration under COVID-19 safety measures, maintaining key services and data replication with no loss of connectivity. Today we are announcing the completion of a data centre migration project for the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT), moving equipment and assets across a carefully choreographed weekend between sites 80 miles apart in […]

Nano data centres: The DC you need may be closer than you think…

An image of a Micro Data Centre

When you think of a data centre, what do you think of?  A room, the gentle hum of servers, amazing structured cabling, and aisles of satisfying blinking LEDs?  It is easy to get trapped into the DC mindset.  The mindset that a data centre is BIG, powerful and almost like your castle.  Of course, the […]

A new data centre through lockdown for Opus Trust Communications

We’re pleased to announce the completion of a new data centre for Opus Trust Communications in Leicestershire, the omnichannel communication specialist working in heavily regulated industries, including Telecoms, The NHS, Utilities and Financial Services providers. The new modular data centre, which further increases the security rating of Opus Trust’s operations, began construction in April 2020, […]