Containerised data centres are not just for the public cloud vendors

When would you opt for a containerised data centre was a question posed by The Stack when they recently interviewed Chris Wellfair projects director at Secure I.T. Environments Ltd.

It might come as a surprise the answer that Chris gave to the publication. So if you want to find out whether by opting for a modular data centre you are compromising the quality or integrity of the data centre then read the full article at What’s in the box? Explaining containerised data centres.



48% of small businesses in the UK were targeted by Cyber criminals in the past 12 months, 10% of these on multiple occasion’s source Barclaycard SME survey2016

In 2014 The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) produced their business Crime Strategy. The report identified that cyber crime was a significant and growing problem across all sectors of society, including business. It also stated that the internet has made it easier to commit fraud with estimates suggesting that 57% of fraud reported in 2012/13 was cyber related.
PWC’s Information Security Breaches Survey released in June 2015 reported that 90% of large organisations and 74% of SMEs had suffered a security breach, up from 81% and 60% the year before.
Estimates put the costs of these breaches at between £1.46m-£3.14m for large organisation and £75k-£311K for SME’s
Over the coming months, Secure I.T. Environments Ltd will share with you tips on how to make your business and online experience as safe as possible.
Our first in the series of videos is from the Metropolitan Police on how updating your computer can help:

Stay tuned in for more useful tips.