As we approach the Data Centre World event next week, the largest of its kind in Europe, we are reminded how big the industry is and the vast number of Data Centre providers that are available to choose from.

Providers specialising in energy efficiency improvements, or technology for monitoring, or the latest in cooling or power and security. From those offering drop-in services, through to those building and managing. Customers are faced with unlimited options on how to go about designing, building and managing a data centre.

For those who are extremely experienced and have been hands on, through the design and build of a data centre before, it is feasible to hand pick your services and create a data centre specification that can be implemented by your own team. For many I.T. directors, however, building a new data centre is likely to be a one-off project which provides little opportunity to implement their learnings in a second or third project.

The vast majority of clients, find the prospect of building a data centre daunting. Not only do they lack the hands-on experience but many have a day job and the data centre is a critical project that is going to be a significant drain on both time and energy.

Self-build? Or outsource? There are benefits to both options and the right choice will depend entirely on each businesses circumstances.

Many clients approach us because they are looking for an end-to-end solution, the opportunity to brief in their ‘ideal data centre solution’ and budget and get the best possible recommendations and proposal to match that. With no ties to specific brands or suppliers, we are truly independent. We are able to take the clients requirements and match them with the best possible solution, whatever that may be.
We have broad experience across industries and exposure to the latest developments in our market which makes us ideally placed to deliver the best solution for the budget and timescale.

Our team of professionals take care of every detail from design and build, management, infrastructure installation and maintenance, leaving our clients to do their day-job.

So if you are coming down to Data Centre World this coming week, pop past and say hello. No obligation, no hard sell, just honest down to earth advice on all things data centres.