More and more of our clients are requesting containerised data centre solutions. In the past few weeks alone we have been asked to provide consultation around our ModCel product in answer to specific project requirements.
In both cases, customers are dealing with space limitations. Balancing the business need to expand their data centre services but lacking the space to do so.

The containerised data centre is perfect in these situations, as it provides a complete, pre-build data centre in a self-contained unit. In most instances, there is no planning approval needed and no on-site building, simply delivering the DC into place and connecting up accordingly.

At the same time as being fast and easy to install, the ModCel DC still provides the highest security for your IT infrastructure and is often used for disaster recovery or temporary data centre space. Some customers use a DC container as an interim solution until new premises can be secured or whilst they build an alternative data centre off-site.

Our containerised data centres come with all the standard features you would expect from a traditional build data centre such as:

  • A variety of free cooling options
  • Fire protection, detection and suppression
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Structural warranty

So, whether you are looking for a bit of extra DC space, an interim DC solution or simply need to fit a DC into a tight space, the ModCel containerised data centre could be your solution. For more information, take a look here or contact Shirley Osborne on: 01983 885 182