Retailers are preparing for one of the biggest retail events of the year. An event that was born out of the U.S. and traditionally a high street event, has in recent years, gathered momentum to incorporate countries all over the world. Not only has the volume of purchasing grown with Brits spending £3.3 billion over a four day period* last year, but the channel has also moved largely online with last year’s black friday being the biggest for online sales EVER*!

According to the same source, at least 15 retailers systems could not cope in 2015 with online demand with the sites of Tesco, John Lewis and Argos experiencing some loss of service at the time.

This year retailers are expected to sell £1billion in the space of one day (Information-age).

It is not always easy for data centre managers to prepare for events of this nature but preparation is the best defence against these spikes in traffic. Stress testing, optimising and ensuring all systems and infrastructure is in good working order will ensure retailers have the best chance of managing what looks set to be a lucrative day for online sales. It is the retailers who have planned regular ongoing maintenance and upgrades who are likely to fair better than those who have put in last minute fixes to cope with increased demand.

We have no doubt that I.T. managers all over the country will be keeping a watchful eye on their data centre performance over the next few days.