Today is a momentous day where everyone has the chance to vote In or Out in the national referendum, either way, today will decide our future and that of generations to follow. It will be a day that people will remember for a long time to come, not only because it is a day we go to the voting polls but also because unprecedented storms and rainfall have plagued the South East of England leaving many this morning with a commuting nightmare, flooded homes and electrical outages.

London is under water, lightening has struck train lines and electrical boxes causing pandemonium for those trying to get to work and polling stations in some areas of Chessington in Surrey and Kingston remain flooded. A situation that was not expected in June!
This is exactly the kind of natural disaster our data centres are geared for with secure entry points and sealed doors. Our modular panels do not retain water and the unique interlocking system ensures no water can seep in. The extra precaution of raised flooring which not only assists in airflow and for running cables but also offers added protection in the event of an increasing water table. Peace of mind for our clients which ensures they are literally ready for ‘that rainy day’.

Those affected by power outages today will be grateful for backup generators and power monitoring systems which have integrated alarms to draw attention to electrical cuts and enable data centre managers to react quickly. Then in the worst case scenario emergency maintenance contracts that ensure we get a specialist out to your equipment as quickly as possible.

These are just a few of the data centre back-up elements that we recommend to clients to include within their DC design and build. Often they are overlooked in the face of budget constraints but pay for themselves ten-fold in the face of an unexpected disaster. It is true, you may never need it….. but you can never be over-prepared for floods in summer!