A Winning Industry #datacentres

We were fortunate to have been invited to last weeks DCS Awards dinner to celebrate the success stories within our industry. It was a great evening spent with our suppliers and peers in the world of Data Centres.

While we cheered on the winners across various categories, we were discussing how far the industry has come in a relatively short period of time. We all know that technology is moving at a rapid speed and that is driving a fast paced culture in day to day life.

In a new book ‘The Great Acceleration: How the world is getting faster, faster’ the author Robert Colvile attributes our general growing appetite for speed and convenience to the continual and rapid advancement of technology. In fact, in this book he sites that even chickens are growing faster today than they did a generation ago and we are all walking faster than our parents did – all fuelled by our attitude to speed.

It is fascinating and completely applicable to the data centre industry. After all, it is the massive advancement in technology that has generated the growth in data centres and infrastructure and we are already talking to clients who are looking to add 50% capacity in servers in the same data centre space. Today’s security requirements are also unrecognisable from a couple of decades ago, with increased threats of terror, the growing concern about cyber fraud and the focus on data protection. These issues have filtered down to data centre design and build companies. Energy Efficiency, a huge global focus for companies and again a consideration that has impacted data centres deeply over recent times.

So, it was with pride that we looked around the DCS awards tables at those who not only represent the industry but who have in effect built the industry into what it is today. The dynamic and energetic who have kept pace with the incredible changes that we have seen across the technology sector and embraced the changes within data centre design and development. These awards are created to recognise those who have excelled within various data centre categories and we would like to congratulate the winners for a job well done but it is equally important to recognise everyone there who has contributed to the growth and development of the data centre industry as a whole and we are proud to be a part of it and look forward to the next decade of change and growth.DCS awards 2 DCS awards1


Security Inside and Out

A very interesting webinar hosted by Observe IT covered the issues of security and more importantly ‘insider threat’. When we think about our data protection and the threats that exist, people generally think first and foremost about outside or external threats. Hacking and malicious attacks on our IT systems, either through our cyber systems or perhaps even attacks on our physical IT infrastructure.

The truth is that of all the threats to IT security, 90% of threats come from within the company, referred to as ‘insider threats’.and even more concerning – 71% of insider threats are not malicious attacks from disgruntled employees, but unintentional security breaches by employees who simply misuse company systems, fail to logout, click links on infected emails  or browse the internet and click links to sites that download viruses into the company system.

The risks to data centres are not dissimilar. There are the obvious concerns of ‘outsider threats’ to the physical building, such as flooding, terror attacks or break-ins. Then there are data centre ‘insider threats’ and these, in much the same way as IT security threats, are often unintentional breaches by employees.

In the case of the data centre, insider threats can include the people managing the data centre leaving access details unsecured or sharing access details with unauthorised personnel (even though they may work at the organisation) or simply leaving the data centre open, even just momentarily, leaving the IT infrastructure exposed. It could be company personnel who don’t adhere to cleanliness regulations leaving dirt and dust particles behind which over time can cause damage to IT systems. The threat can be data centre staff who have not been fully trained on equipment or systems or those who are new to the job and misuse data centre equipment causing damage.

When we consider how much funding is spent on securing our data centre from outside threats, it is surprising how little is spent on minimising insider threats, when you consider your breach is far more likely to come from inside than outside. Companies need to invest in systems and processes that secure the data centre and ultimately the whole IT system of their business from unintentional harm brought about by well-meaning employees. Building a robust set of regulations and protocols for management of the DC. Ensuring full training of all personnel. Building in regular cleaning as part of your data centre maintenance contract.

In summary, investing time and budget on safeguarding your data centre from the ‘insider’ out.

Scanning of a fingerprint with  new technologies

Scanning of a fingerprint with new technologies



A fitting generator upgrade

We have been in Wales installing a new fuel tank upgrade for one of our customers. The new fuel tank will enable longer autonomy time as it will store more fuel than the existing tank, enabling the generator to run for longer. A big benefit to the smooth running of the data centre.

As you can see, our measurements were ‘spot on’ and the new tank fits…. with a generous 2inches to spare!

A nail biting moment where we thought it might be too bigIMG_2550 but fortunately the trusty tape measure delivered the goods!

In addition to the new fuel tank, we are also fitting a new hot aisle capture to improve energy efficiency for the client who will see cost benefits from this upgrade.


New project award #datacentre

We are delighted to have been awarded the tender for ongoing maintenance at the Guys & St Thomas’ data centre.

In addition, the hospital will be upgrading and extending their existing data centre which was originally built by Secure IT Environments. The new extension will be a UPS room to house batteries for the data centre. Secure IT Environments have also been awarded this contract.

The project will start shortly and the team are looking forward to working with Guys & St Thomas’ again.