Keeping a data centre environment cool is essential to the smooth running of the technical equipment. In a confined space such as a data centre, that is packed with server units and I.T. equipment, a huge amount of heat is generated and unless this heat is dissipated or cooled, the consequences for I.T. equipment can be detrimental. Cooling is so critical, that it accounts for half the electrical energy consumed within a DC. So it makes sense for organisations who are looking to improve their energy efficiency within the data centre to look first and foremost at their cooling solutions to improve efficiency.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional cooling solutions of yesteryear such as ‘computer room air conditioning’ units (CRAC), are inefficient and waste a significant amount of energy (and money) in trying to keep temperatures in the data centre down. At Secure I.T. Environments, we advise on not only maintaining cooling systems regularly, to keep them as efficient as possible, but we also advise our clients when old or outdated equipment needs to be upgraded or adapted to improve efficiency. Small upgrades within a data centre can reap big benefits in energy savings, without the need for a full data centre refurbishment or upgrade project.

A CRAC unit can easily be upgraded by replacing original AC fans with EC (Electronically commutated) backward curved fans, which also have speed controls for further energy saving. This small upgrade can save up to 50% in energy usage.

Our client in Hampshire recently replaced two fans that were not operating to full effect. As a result, more energy (and money) was being used to keep the room at a cool standardised temperature than was needed. This small upgrade will see improved energy efficiency and cost savings that will quickly pay for the small investment in the fan upgrades.airconditioning fan for data centre