For Sale: Ready to deliver – complete ModCel DC Container

It is very seldom that our data centre products are ready to buy off the shelf. We offer a bespoke service to clients and so each data centre requirement can be very different and as a result takes time to design, quote and build.

Today, one of our ModCel containerised data centres has become available due to unforeseen circumstances of a client who initially commissioned the build and this DC is now FOR SALE. Viewings are underway by appointment and delivery can be almost immediate.
This integrated small capacity container data centre solution, integrates all systems into one container, including power supply and distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, anti-fire lightning protection and monitoring.

The container provides high reliability, security and fast deployment as well as mobility, energy and cost savings and can significantly reduce customer TCO and improve ROI. Suitable for small and medium sized enterprises and also applicable to special mobile scenarios.

A rare opportunity to own a containerised DC for as little as £150,000

Dimensions:-  H 2896mm x L 2438mm x W12192mm

Operating Temperature range:- -40°C to +55°C

Designed for IT load of 30kW, however, operated and tested to 36kW

Cooling Solution – Emerson Units

5 x 7.5kW AHU’s with return temperature of 25°C

Based upon a return air temperature of 35°C the rating is approximately 9.5kW net sensible cooling

System is actually capable of 38kW N+1

Due to location of Temperature sensors on front of the unit room temperature is 2°C higher than set point.


Standby Diesel Generator Backup – Optional (not provided with model available)

100 kVA Unit with recorded output voltage of 230v, frequency 50hZ and battery voltage of  12.8v

System run on generator for 24 hours @ IT load of 36kW


UPS Systems – Rack Mounted System

4 x 20kVA Units / 18kW (N+1) 7 minute autonomy time

Yuasa 12v 26Ah 40 off batteries – 10 year life time


10 Racks with 3 Cold Aisle containments (with 8 racks usable)


Power supply A & B PDU’s

Fire Suppression HFC-227


Access Control

Video Cameras

Temperature and Humidity Sensors
For more information or to view this facility, please contact Shirley Osborne on: 01983 885 182

Appointments are on a first come, first served basis – if you are interested in securing this great offer please call without delay.

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Keeping a data centre environment cool is essential to the smooth running of the technical equipment. In a confined space such as a data centre, that is packed with server units and I.T. equipment, a huge amount of heat is generated and unless this heat is dissipated or cooled, the consequences for I.T. equipment can be detrimental. Cooling is so critical, that it accounts for half the electrical energy consumed within a DC. So it makes sense for organisations who are looking to improve their energy efficiency within the data centre to look first and foremost at their cooling solutions to improve efficiency.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional cooling solutions of yesteryear such as ‘computer room air conditioning’ units (CRAC), are inefficient and waste a significant amount of energy (and money) in trying to keep temperatures in the data centre down. At Secure I.T. Environments, we advise on not only maintaining cooling systems regularly, to keep them as efficient as possible, but we also advise our clients when old or outdated equipment needs to be upgraded or adapted to improve efficiency. Small upgrades within a data centre can reap big benefits in energy savings, without the need for a full data centre refurbishment or upgrade project.

A CRAC unit can easily be upgraded by replacing original AC fans with EC (Electronically commutated) backward curved fans, which also have speed controls for further energy saving. This small upgrade can save up to 50% in energy usage.

Our client in Hampshire recently replaced two fans that were not operating to full effect. As a result, more energy (and money) was being used to keep the room at a cool standardised temperature than was needed. This small upgrade will see improved energy efficiency and cost savings that will quickly pay for the small investment in the fan upgrades.airconditioning fan for data centre