In a world where everything is instant. In particular in the world of I.T. where the focus is on faster, more intuitive, more immediate solutions, there is a growing expectation for I.T. infrastructure to keep up. Customers are seeking alternatives to building data centres from scratch with their lengthy planning permissions and traditional building methods making ever decreasing deadlines impossible to meet.

Customers are looking for more and more ‘shortcuts’ in their build programmes and as such are looking at ways to extend existing facilities, pack more racks into existing spaces or even investing in several ‘server hubs’ as a way of extending I.T. capacity without the bind of building.

A popular option is the ‘ready made’ data centres or IT PODs, which many clients are opting for over traditional builds. The ModCel option provides everything you need in a data centre, but is built off site and in normal circumstances does not require planning permission. The fully installed DC is simply ‘dropped’ into situ and connected up. No mess, no fuss. Perfect for locations which are hard to reach or where public access makes building complicated. The ModCel product provides the highest security for I.T. equipment and protection from the threats of fire, flood and terrorism and as such are popular within the defence sector who transport them to locations all over the world.

A ModCel pod can also be used as a temporary measure – an interim solution to house extra I.T. infrastructure whilst a bigger data centre is being created or an extension of an existing facility is taking place. Once the primary project is complete and transfer has taken place, the ModCel pod is simply lifted and taken away. The flexibility of this product means that as space in one ModCel pod is filled, so an additional pod can be ordered and connected to the existing ModCel pod to double capacity. A quick and often more cost effective option for customers.

So now finding a solution to house your IT hardware can be almost as speedy as the software that runs on it….. well, almost….