We recently joined a webinar hosted by UKFast focusing on the predictions in IT for 2016. An interesting discussion covering a number of interesting thoughts.

Data Privacy was a key concern, driven by consumers who are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about how their data is used. This concern is compounded by recent very serious high profile security breaches at well regarded organisations.

Interestingly, these breaches are all around cyber fraud and sophisticated hacking but as providers of data centres, we regularly talk to customers about the importance of physical security. Not only does your IT infrastructure need to be adequately protected from flooding and fire risks, but also from the threat of terrorism, theft and vandalism. At one time a sturdy building would have sufficed but today, our modular panels offer significantly higher standards of protection and are CPNI base and LPS 1175 approved and as a result require significantly more than a hammer to breach.

Of course all of this security, is of little use if staff leave confidential USBs in their jacket pocket and then take it October-2015-Expert-Cyber-Crime-2to the dry cleaners…. Apparently 9000 people a year in London do exactly that!

UKFast add that a further focus is next generation technology in our homes – in particular new technology that runs our heating, car etc. Have these technologies been tested as fully as our more traditional technology has been. In home technology is set to increase, we will have more and more gadgets that manage our daily lives, each with significant amounts of personal information attached to them.

There is a growing concern about where and how this personal data is stored. Is it in the cloud? What security measures are in place for the cloud service? Is it housed in a data centre? Is that a secure facility? Data management is going to be under increased scrutiny as customers start to ask more questions about their data and the security in place to safeguard it!