Designing and building a Data Centre is a big task. The project is a big investment for any business, the time scales are often impacted by the daily running of the business, especially if it involves patients onsite and the project leader has to manage parties across the entire business who have a vested interest in the Data Centre. This might sound like a cocktail for disaster for many companies but at Secure IT Environments, we pride ourselves on taking away some of the friction points and ensure that the working environment is as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

Our recent project at Queen Elizabeth NHS Trust in Kings Lynn is a good example of a team working together. Sitting down as one team and working through all the logistics. Communication is key to any project and essential in the building of a data centre and installation of infrastructure, an area we excel in. Our ongoing relationship with the QE team is testimony to their experience of having our Secure IT Environments team on site. There is nothing we enjoy more than handing over a project to smiles all round. We look forward to working with Mike West and his team again should the opportunity arise.

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