Secure IT Environments were awarded the Data Centre design and build project for University of York. This project was completed a few years ago and since that time, the team at Secure IT Environments have held the maintenance contract for the site. This year, together with the renewal for the site we built, we also received the contract for a second site. Testimony to the maintenance service that the team at Secure IT Environments has provided to date on the original site.

We are pleased that clients are taking the maintenance of their site as seriously as they take the design and build. So often, once a new data centre is completed no maintenance contract is put in place. This is often seen as an unnecessary expense, especially for a data centre which is brand new and has all the latest technology installed…. what could possibly go wrong??

With our data centre maintenance contracts, regular maintenance of all elements from fire suppression, air conditioning and generators through to UPS’s takes place throughout the year. In addition, specialist cleaning is done annually to prevent┬ádust particle build up – a problem which is regularly at the root of Data Centre breakdowns.

A data centre that is regularly maintained is unlikely to show any signs of deterioration that will cause failures and expensive downtime for an organisation. Replacements and upgrades are recommended when the time comes to ensure that all aspects of the DC are kept reliable and up to date with legal requirements. This ongoing management also ensures you can spread the cost of upgrades and repairs along the way, as opposed to replacing large amounts of your infrastructure in the process of a breakdown situation.

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