No EntryAt Secure IT, we specialise in designing and building secure I.T. environments in the form of Modular Data Centres. Our modular  data centres and containerised ModCel pods offer benefits that many traditional data centre builds do not.

We take physical security very seriously, so we’ve written this post to provide some guidance on how you can protect your Data Centre against physical security threats, including intruders and terrorism.

Internal CCTV Cameras

Monitoring your data centre’s external surrounding environment is a necessity and we’ve covered this topic before in our post Protect your Data Centre from Physical Security Threats. However, having an internal CCTV security monitoring system is equally as important.

A busy data centre will have visitors on the premises all the time and although having secure access systems in place should prevent intrusion, monitoring your data centre’s  interior will help prevent this further.

At Secure IT, our internal CCTV systems offer 24 hour recorded footage. We also have high definition CCTV cameras that can record colour and thermal images at night time. Our security cameras film at 360 degree angles, ensuring maximum security coverage.

Enhanced Security Access

It goes without saying but your Data Centre needs sophisticated lock mechanisms to prevent against intrusion and threats of terrorism. At Secure IT, our access control products include card-swipe entry systems and FOB keys, so that only staff members can access certain locations within the building.

Many Data Centre’s contain particularly sensitive data, so you may want to consider more advanced security access system. At Secure IT, we also provide more complex systems such as Iris Retina Scanners and Biometric Readers.

Modular Panel Protection

Protecting your Data Centre isn’t just about technology, it’s also about the building itself. At Secure IT, we specialise in building data centres from modular panels which offer the highest protection in and are approved for Government Agency assets against forced attack and bomb blasts to CPNI base and LPS 1175.  These panels also protect against fire and are independently tested to temperatures of over 950 degrees Celsius.  In the case of flooding or water damage from fire extinguishers, our modular panels don’t retain water in the same way as brick and plasterboard, which means a reduction in humidity which in itself can be very damaging to IT equipment. Given the number of terrorist attacks in Europe this year, more customers are looking for the levels of protection that our modular panel can offer. The system is so easy to install that even existing bricks and mortar data centres can be ‘lined’ with our modular panels to offer greater protection for the data centre with minimal disruption.

Whether your modular data centre needs internal or external protection, at Secure IT, we can assist in selecting the right products and systems for your organisation. For more information on how we can help, send us an email at, or call us on 01983 885 182.