If not, it’s not too late! Our new ‘Sensorium’ product might be all you need to get back on track.

Many Universities in the UK committed to reduce their carbon emissions by 2016 as part of ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). The deadline for ESOS is only 6 months away and many Universities are still unable to demonstrate, implement and measure energy saving initiatives and as such will not have the information to submit in time.

Your Data Centre could provide part of the solution to this problem. Fitting your DC with the Sensorium modelling system can quickly illustrate where excess energy is being used down to specific departments and even individual servers. The 3D modelling can also assist in making changes to the DC to enable significant energy improvements and then continue to monitor the improvement in energy usage. Providing your organisation with real time and historical data to submit as part of the ESOS paperwork.

Not only that, but Sensorium will pay for itself in the savings you make on improved energy usage.

This highly intelligent software can also provide useful information to assist with ISO50001 Energy Management System accreditation by enabling you to:

1 Fix energy targets and objectives
2 Use data to understand your energy usage
3 Measure the results
4 Continually improve energy management

Sensorium is a cost effective and easy to install bespoke solution for energy monitoring, planning and reporting. Call us now for a FREE energy audit on 01983 885 182 or for more information email enquiries@siteltd.co.uk