Below is an image of the Soliuhull midlevel car park where the new DC is planned to be constructed. The team have coated the flooring with a specialist paint to minimise dust. It may seem a little extreme painting the floor for dust-control but in actual fact a whopping 70% of Server room breakdowns are due to dust particles which cause blockages and overheating. All the clients who maintain their facility with Secure IT Environments are offered a specialist cleaning service along with other preventative measures for keeping Data Centre facilities squeaky clean.

Things will be quiet at Solihull for a few weeks as the council are hosting an important enquiry and so the team have moved out for the duration of this process. When we return, we will be installing overhead ventilation and duct work will be removed and repositioned. In the interim…off to the Government Actuary department to do some additional work for them.

Solihull Data Centre