Power Generators

Power Generators

Despite a data centre’s best efforts to prevent power outages, sometimes they do happen. And when they do, you’ll want to make sure that your data centre is prepared and any disruption to your business is kept to a minimum. Here are out tips for preparing for data centre power outages:

Power Monitoring

One of the best ways to prepare for power outages is to monitor your power levels regularly. This enables you to act quickly if you notice a decrease in your power supply. By taking frequent power draw readings using data centre power monitoring tools, you’ll be able to track the power demand trends of your business.

Secure IT offers market leading  electrical system design and we offer a wide range of award winning power supplies and protection systems for modular data centres. Some of our products include Uninterruptable Power Supply Systems, monitored switchgear, monitored power distribution tools and back-up generators.

Have a Response Team in Place

In the event that your data centre does experience a power outage, efficiency is the key. You’ll want your IT infrastructure to be back up and running as quickly as possible, so assigning a dedicated team to deal with the situation is highly recommended.

Your team should be trained to deal with the situation and have a procedure in place should your power suddenly cut out. A fast response time and a well organised process are key elements to ensuring that your business operations don’t suffer.

Backup Generators

Every data centre should have a backup generator on standby and at Secure IT, we can advise you on the most suitable generator for your needs. Having a backup generator means carrying out additional maintenance and routine checks but the benefits of doing so are worth the effort. We advise carrying out the following weekly checks on your backup generator:

  • Check your oil levels and look out for oil leaks
  • Look out for signs of corrosion and address any wear and tear issues
  • Check that the coolant jacket heaters are working, especially in cold weather
  • Make sure there are no blockages in the generator’s exhaust vents
  • Ensure that the battery charger is working

At Secure IT, we can advise on and supply reliable Power Display Units for modular data centres. All our electrical installations are fully compliant with today’s standard: BS 7671.

What other tips do you have for preparing a data centre for power outages?