Businesses often find that as they grow, the size of their IT infrastructure expands too. In most cases, modernising traditional data centre builds involves investing significant capital. However, with Secure IT’s Modular Data Centres, your data centre can be brought into the 21st Century affordably while enjoying all the advantages of a modern build.

Additional Space

One of the biggest benefits of modernising your data centre is the additional space that you can gain by using our Modular design build. Our modular data centres offer a flexible addition to your existing facility, enabling you to increase the capacity of your IT infrastructure. Unlike traditional construction methods, the modular option provides a flexible solution that can be extended to provide for your company’s growing IT needs. This means that your data centre can be modernized quicker and you won’t have to make interim storage arangements.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Modernising your existing data centre will also improve the energy efficiency of the building. At Secure IT, with every project we undertake, we are able to report and advise on all areas of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE). This enables our customers to keep track of their ongoing energy costs and identify ways to reduce them further. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with changes in technologies, industry guidance and relevant laws so that your Data Centre is as energy efficient as possible for your budget.

Less Maintenance Requirements

Keeping your modular data centre clean is essential to ensuring its continued efficiency and to avoid costly breakdowns. Miniscule dust particles can build up throughout your data centre’s life, leading to blockages and inefficient equipment.

As part of a regular maintenance contract, Secure IT, we provide highly technical data centre cleaning and testing for dust and particles. We even provide ‘live-cleaning’, which is ISO14644 Class 8 certified, so you know that your IT infrastructure is receiving the very best of care and maintenance.

We’ll also provide you with a detailed report of your modular data centre cleanliness levels, which you can use for audit compliance inspections. Our fully managed 24 hour maintenance is available all year round with a fast-track 4 hour response to maintenance requirements. For more information on our maintenance services, Contact Shirley Osborne on 01983 885 182.

Increased Security

Our Modular Data Centres, provide  the highest level of protection and security against natural disasters,theft and terrorist threats We have a range of high-quality products that have been designed to protect data centres from any kind of security threat. Our fireproof and weatherproof Modular builds include the option of  fire suppression, Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), access control and CCTV to improve security in your data centre

For more information on how Secure IT can modernise your data centre, give us a call on 01983 885 182, or contact us by email at