One of the biggest decisions facing businesses today is whether to host your IT infrastructure in a data centre or on the Cloud. There are advantages and drawbacks to both and at Secure IT; we’re here to help guide you towards making the best choice for your business. This is our guide to the Cloud vs data centre storage.

The Difference Between the Cloud and Data Centres

Although these two terms are often interchangeable, data centres and cloud services are fundamentally different. Data Centres are physical constructions, designed specifically to house IT data. They are typically located close to a company’s main premises. Cloud services however, store data on the Internet. Third party providers take care of all maintenance and updates and businesses can access their data through secure logins.

Data Centre

Data Centre

Data centres are ideal for businesses that need a bespoke space for their IT equipment. Data centre builds enable full control over the layout and set up of equipment and enable immediate access in emergencies or for maintenance. If your company has a complex IT system that uses several different applications, then a data centre can be constructed specifically to your requirements and provide you with the ongoing power you need to run your business operations.

When it comes to data centre security, your business has complete control. You decide who gets access and you can choose which security products are most suitable for your needs. However, these products need to be maintained and upgraded, so you’ll need to pay ongoing costs to keep your facility secure.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Services

Whereas data centres can be somewhat restrictive when it comes to growth, cloud services grow with your business. Your IT infrastructure can be accessed from anywhere online and by anyone who you want to have access. The Cloud’s capacity is limitless, meaning you’ll never run out of space for your IT needs.

However, as cloud services are managed by third parties, you may not have immediate access to your data and you may need to compromise on how much control you have over your IT resources.

With cloud services, you don’t need to spend money on security features as your third party provider will take care of all these matters. However, public cloud services are susceptible to attacks, so you should choose your provider carefully. If your business deals with particularly sensitive information, then you may want to consider investing in a private cloud service with enhanced security features.

Does your business use a data centre or a cloud service? What do you see as being the pros and cons of both these systems?