Easy to build Data Centres

Easy to build Data Centres

Building a data centre for your IT infrastructure using traditional methods takes time. You need to plan every aspect, apply for on-site building permission, make interim business arrangements and then arrange the construction work itself. However, there is an easier way to building your data centre and the answer is Secure IT’s ModCel Data Centre Pods and Containers

No Planning Required

With ModCel Data Centres all you need to plan is where your facility will be located, everything else is taken care of off-site by the Secure IT team. You don’t need to worry about disrupting your business operations or making alternative workspace arrangements for your staff – your business can continue as normal. Our ModCel containerised data centres and pods are designed and built to your bespoke specification. We will discuss all your needs and requirements beforehand, so you can relax knowing that every detail is taken care of.

Delivered Straight to Your Door

Unlike Traditional data centre builds, our ModCel Pods aren’t built on-location, meaning your day-to-day business operations won’t be affected. Our pre-engineered data centres are highly-secure and can be deployed quickly and easily via sea, land and air to locations such as oil rigs, mines and even ships.

Because ModCel builds are so easily transported, they can be deployed to any location around the world and in certain cases can be operational within 24 hours. With up to 320 square feet of space, our data centres can house 19 server cabinets and provide as much as 45kW of electricity to each, offering unrivalled Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Connection Conduits

Connection Conduits

Until now, data centre builds typically took weeks to be fully operational after the facility was completed. However, with ModCel data centres, your IT equipment can be up and running and fully operational in a matter of days. Our pods and containers are designed in such a way to allow for quick connection to local energy grids. Have a look at some of our  previous projects to see how successful our data centres have been for other businesses.

Easy Expansion

With our ModCel builds, if your business continues to grow, you won’t need to pay out for a brand new data centre building. All our facilities are designed to allow for easy expansion should your IT infrastructure need more space. What’s more, the nature of our design build systems enables you to undertake additional construction work on a pay-as-you-go basis. This minimises your upfront capital outlay and gives you the flexibility to add more Pods as required.

For more information on Secure IT’s ModCel Data Centre Pods and Containers, give us a call on 01983 885 182, or contact us by email at enquiries@siteltd.co.uk.