Planning and building a data centre doesn’t need to be time consuming or frustrating. All it takes is some essential planning and the right design build model.

Traditionally, data centres were built onsite, either as part of an existing building e.g. an extension, or as a separate build at the same location. This approach normally involved waiting for planning permission, arranging consultations and undergoing rigorous building safety inspections.  However, with Secure IT’s ModCel Data Centre Pods, essential planning, disruption and building time are reduced significantly. Here is our guide on planning a ModCel Data Centre Build.

Eliminate Interim Business Arrangements

With traditional data centre builds and refurbishments, businesses had to make necessary arrangements to ensure that operations continued with minimum disruption. This typically involved finding temporary premises, relocating staff and equipment as well as making arrangements for partners and vendors. However, with Secure IT’s Modular Data Centre Pods, almost none of these arrangements are necessary.


Our ModCel Pods are available in two standard sizes and are constructed and fitted off-site. The final construction is literally ‘dropped’ into place with nothing else to do other than connect all the utilities. Our ‘ready to go’ data centres can be airlifted into remote and hard to reach locations, consequently avoiding nearly all of the issues associated with data centre building.

With traditional data centre builds, companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring their IT equipment is kept safe throughout the construction process, which can require significant planning. They also need to ensure that building work complies with regulations and safety standards.

Safety Should Come as Standard Not an Afterthought

With ModCel data centre pods, there’s no need to worry about protecting your IT infrastructure during construction because all the work is done off-site.  Once constructed, your IT equipment will be protected from fire, unauthorised access, floods and other possible safety breaches. Your IT infrastructure will be safely housed in the most robust data centre available on the market.

Consider Your Future Infrastructure Needs



What looks like a suitably sized data centre now will undoubtedly be too small for your IT infrastructure in the future if you plan on expanding your business. Traditional brick and mortar data centres are notoriously difficult to expand without investing significant capital. ModCel builds enable a pay-as-you-go expansion model. They minimise your upfront capital outlay and gives you the flexibility to add more Pods in the future as required.

With the ModCel POD, you have either an interim so

What are your experiences of planning a data centre build? What do you see as being the biggest advantage to choosing a ModCel data centre pod?lution or a longer term plan at a fraction of the cost. In addition, they can be relocated at any time by simply disconnecting the secure services  and transporting to another location.

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