We have had a number of recent requests by companies to replace fire  suppression cylinders due to unrelated gas release incidences for this reason, it is worth considering keeping a back up cylinder on site as a contingency.

The time involved with collection, re-filling and replacement of cylinders can be up to 10 days, depending on cylinder type and valuable time would be saved if additional cylinders were kept on site.  The Pressure Equipment Directive outlines all pressurised equipment should be tested every 10 years.

This process is a legal requirement to ensure that your equipment is safe and works efficiently when required. Previously, testing would require your bottles to be taken away to be tested and then returned, resulting in downtime. This is no longer the case: If your equipment is 10 years old or more, we will simply collect your old gas cylinders and replace them with new ones – quick, easy and safe!

This covers all systems including: Novec, Argonite, FM200 & Inergen.

Installation dates are outlined on your pressurised gas cylinder – If your current cylinder is 10 years old or more, please replace them as soon as possible. This can be arranged as a stand alone visit or as part of your Data Centre maintenance programme.