DataCentre.ME Infrastructure Event

A successful industry gathering at DataCentre.ME infrastructure event on thursday 23rd April. Held at Balls Brothers in the City, the event is a casual and relaxed networking opportunity for professionals in the Data Centre industry, whether responsible for managing a DC, building new DCs, maintenance or facilities.

Secure IT Environments were delighted to sponsor the evening and meet with customers and prospects to discuss data centre design and build, in particular our new ModCel products which provides a clean, quick and cost effective alternative to a traditional DC build.

The evening finished off with a prize draw and we were delighted to sponsor a very cool set of headphones to our lucky winner Paul from Bouygues. Well done Paul!

dcMe pic

Working with the Government Actuary’s Department

We are pleased to have completed a data centre project for the Government Actuary’s Department this week. Secure IT Environments provided a total solution for the department, including:  Decommissioning and removing old UPS from the site and installing a new UPS, Batteries, Electrical Installation and upgrade as well as new air conditioning systems with external condenser units which are housed within a light well.

Provision for new 40 KVA Riello High Efficiency Multi Sentry UPS with 3 hours 5 mins runtime.

Due to the large run time, an open battery rack to accommodate 120 x Yuasa SWL 2500’s batteries was manufactured and housed in a separate battery room.  This room need new Air Conditioning to create the climate control for this environment.

An electrical upgrade was required to accommodate the new UPS system and the team also installed water sensors within the UPS room.

Due to the location of the building in the heart of the City, all deliveries were scheduled for out of hours to avoid the City congestion.

Total project was installed within critical timescales to ensure the new system was fully operational before the end of the financial year March 2015.


Business Green Awards – Shortlist Finalist

Secure IT Environments recently entered into the Business Green Awards in the category of Green IT Project of the Year. We are pleased to have been short listed as a finalist for 2015 for our Northampton Data Centre Design and Build Project. This was a record-breaking year for the awards in terms of the number of entries received, while the quality of entries was stronger than ever.  The awards ceremony will take place on 1st July at the Brewery in Central London where over 600 leading figures from the worlds of green business, investment, politics and campaigning, are expected to attend.

Secure IT are looking forward to the evening and are pleased that one of their new Data Centre Designs has been selected by a panel of judges as a finalist in this category.

Fire Suppression…. essential DC Care

We have had a number of recent requests by companies to replace fire  suppression cylinders due to unrelated gas release incidences for this reason, it is worth considering keeping a back up cylinder on site as a contingency.

The time involved with collection, re-filling and replacement of cylinders can be up to 10 days, depending on cylinder type and valuable time would be saved if additional cylinders were kept on site.  The Pressure Equipment Directive outlines all pressurised equipment should be tested every 10 years.

This process is a legal requirement to ensure that your equipment is safe and works efficiently when required. Previously, testing would require your bottles to be taken away to be tested and then returned, resulting in downtime. This is no longer the case: If your equipment is 10 years old or more, we will simply collect your old gas cylinders and replace them with new ones – quick, easy and safe!

This covers all systems including: Novec, Argonite, FM200 & Inergen.

Installation dates are outlined on your pressurised gas cylinder – If your current cylinder is 10 years old or more, please replace them as soon as possible. This can be arranged as a stand alone visit or as part of your Data Centre maintenance programme.


How to Plan a ModCel Data Centre Build

Planning and building a data centre doesn’t need to be time consuming or frustrating. All it takes is some essential planning and the right design build model.

Traditionally, data centres were built onsite, either as part of an existing building e.g. an extension, or as a separate build at the same location. This approach normally involved waiting for planning permission, arranging consultations and undergoing rigorous building safety inspections.  However, with Secure IT’s ModCel Data Centre Pods, essential planning, disruption and building time are reduced significantly. Here is our guide on planning a ModCel Data Centre Build.

Eliminate Interim Business Arrangements

With traditional data centre builds and refurbishments, businesses had to make necessary arrangements to ensure that operations continued with minimum disruption. This typically involved finding temporary premises, relocating staff and equipment as well as making arrangements for partners and vendors. However, with Secure IT’s Modular Data Centre Pods, almost none of these arrangements are necessary.


Our ModCel Pods are available in two standard sizes and are constructed and fitted off-site. The final construction is literally ‘dropped’ into place with nothing else to do other than connect all the utilities. Our ‘ready to go’ data centres can be airlifted into remote and hard to reach locations, consequently avoiding nearly all of the issues associated with data centre building.

With traditional data centre builds, companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring their IT equipment is kept safe throughout the construction process, which can require significant planning. They also need to ensure that building work complies with regulations and safety standards.

Safety Should Come as Standard Not an Afterthought

With ModCel data centre pods, there’s no need to worry about protecting your IT infrastructure during construction because all the work is done off-site.  Once constructed, your IT equipment will be protected from fire, unauthorised access, floods and other possible safety breaches. Your IT infrastructure will be safely housed in the most robust data centre available on the market.

Consider Your Future Infrastructure Needs



What looks like a suitably sized data centre now will undoubtedly be too small for your IT infrastructure in the future if you plan on expanding your business. Traditional brick and mortar data centres are notoriously difficult to expand without investing significant capital. ModCel builds enable a pay-as-you-go expansion model. They minimise your upfront capital outlay and gives you the flexibility to add more Pods in the future as required.

With the ModCel POD, you have either an interim so

What are your experiences of planning a data centre build? What do you see as being the biggest advantage to choosing a ModCel data centre pod?lution or a longer term plan at a fraction of the cost. In addition, they can be relocated at any time by simply disconnecting the secure services  and transporting to another location.

For more information on our ModCel Data Centre Builds, give us a call on 01983 885 182, or contact us by email at