If you are looking for peace and quiet in the workplace this year, TechCel cabinets could be the way forward. TechCel cabinets enable noisy IT equipment to be locked away in an attractive and sound-proofed cupboard yet offer maximum energy efficiency. For those who do not have the budget, nor requirement for a large purpose built data centre room at this stage, these cabinets provide a great alternative to having IT equipment in the open workplace or an unsuitable spare corner cupboard.

ucoustic cabinet wall mounted


These floor standing cabinets are available in active or passive versions in three size options to cater for a range of IT requirements. Active cabinets have two centrifugal fans in the rear doors which are fitted with variable speed fans and temperature sensors for maximum energy efficiency, whilst passive cabinets utilise the IT equipment fans to draw ambient air form the front and they rely on the temperature differential between inside and out.

Ucoustic cabinet

Flooring standing wood finish Ucoustic cabinet


The cabinets have front and rear doors, fully adjustable 19″ mounting angles fitted front and rear. Six cable entry points are available via removable gland plates as well as easy to remove doors and panels for maintenance, repair or refit.


The executive cabinets offer a stylish solution for offices where IT is stored in a visible area such as the boardroom. With all the benefits of the standard floor standing range but with a stylish real wood finish. This range along with all the TechCel products also significantly reduces IT noise, offers great strength and thermal performance.

A range of wood finishes are available from oak and maple to ash and walnut and can be used in a number of combinations with standard black cabinet panels.

For further information or a free quote on these compact IT cabinet options please give Shirley a call on 01983 885 182.