Keeping a record

Producing documentation of your maintenance programme is a good way of ensuring that maintenance is done on time, to the same standard on each occasion and ensures that the data centre runs smoothly with as little downtime and disruption as possible. Reporting is a good habit to get into as it can be referred to in the event of equipment problems but in addition builds a good track record for all equipment maintenance for auditing purposes. A good DC maintenance provider will do this on your behalf including follow up reporting.

Ensuring all staff are trained thoroughly in all aspects of the data centre, but also in health and safety is essential, especially in the use of specialist equipment such as fire suppression systems.

Important Customer Notice – R22 Refrigerant

Legislation stipulates that it is now illegal to sell virgin R22 refrigerant.

This refrigerant has been commonly used in Data Centre cooling equipment.
It is estimated that 60% of Air Conditioning in the UK is still operating on R22. As a result, we recommend that all our clients carry out an asset register of their critical cooling equipment in order to plan for the demise of R22.

Whether the intention is to replace all R22 equipment, convert equipment to run alternative refrigerants or a combination of the two, our experienced engineers can assist you in preparing for the demise of R22 with a cost effective plan.

If you would like some advice on next steps, please contact Shirley on 01983 885 182

Is your data centre really clean?

Serious Data centre problems can manifest from poor cleanliness within the data centre, dust and dirt that is almost unnoticeable from the naked eye can cause untold damage and disruption to data centre equipment.

Ensure the data centre is tidy, storing boxes and other items in a data centre creates pockets of poor circulation of air which is harmful but in addition can be a hazard to staff and those working within the data centre and present a fire risk.
Keeping the data centre 100% clean should be part of the annual maintenance programme and specialist cleaners can be booked on an annual basis to provide an ISO class 8 rated cleaning service to ensure that even the smallest of dust particles are cleaned away. To alleviate further dust contamination, IT DCOM tiles can be installed to the entrance of the DC which will reduce dust particles. To the same end, food and drink should not be permitted within the data centre.themarketingarm-9673