Our biggest asset is our people and to that end, all those working within the data centre at any time should be fully briefed on data centre security measures. This is particularly important for those assisting with maintenance within the data centre. Ensure that you have good health and safety documentation and that staff are fully briefed on procedures.
Make sure that any damaged floor tiles are covered or cordoned off to avoid injuries. During maintenance, no more than 4 floor tiles should be removed at any one time, using a tile-puller and disposed of safely.
Cables should be cleaned to avoid creating dirt within the data centre and should not be left on the floor as they prevent a hazard. Man cabling areas throughout the cabling process to protect staff from tripping and causing injury.
Many elements within a data centre will require attention from specialists such as electricians – it is preferable to have an electrician who is not only qualified but also familiar with the intricacies of data centres. Do not allow untrained or unqualified staff to undertake work within the data centre to protect both staff and IT equipment.