Building for Kent County Council

Secure IT Environments has started work with Kent County Council providing two new modular classrooms for Seven Oaks Junior School. The two new modular rooms will be built on a greenfield site to expand the school ready for September 2013 intake.

The modular room option was chosen by Kent CC because it is quick, easy and clean to build at the same time as being sturdy and rhobust – just what you need in a junior school!

A porsche for only £40 – must be our lucky day!

We were invited to talk to a client in Scotland about a new data centre project. We have done a number of data centre builds in Scotland so have made many trips up there. We usually fly up early morning, hire a car to meet the client and then return that evening.

Upon arrival at the airport, we were offered an ‘alternative car’ because they had run out of the basic model that we had booked. Slightly nervous that we were being down-graded from what was already the £40 per day special, we gingerly made our way to the carpark…imagine our surprise to find THIS waiting in our parking bay!

We have to admit it was quite nice to arrive in style for a change,  admittedly the clients looked a bit nervous when we pulled up outside that their budget might be a bit tight for our taste in cars!

Our carhire upgrade for a data centre client meeting

Our carhire upgrade for a data centre client meeting

Safe Contractors Accreditation

Great news! We have just achieved Safe Contractor accreditation once again. Always a good feeling to be recognised for good working practices by a reputable organisation such as Safe Contractorssafe contractor