Cable & Wireless Off Shore Challenges

It’s been a busy time for Cable & Wireless (C&W) in the Channel Islands as the telecommunications company recently quadrupled its Guernsey operations. C&W, which owns Guernsey Telecom, is an important contributor to the island’s economy, with 99 per cent of its business originating overseas and C&W systems behind some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online business sectors. It’s an increasingly competitive marketplace where nimble, robust and yet flexible infrastructure, continuous uptime and reliable uninterruptible power protection can mean the difference between success and failure. At the heart of C&W’s expansion in Guernsey lie three new hosting data centres, all dependent on high performance IT environments providing Business Continuity to benchmark standard BSEN1047 for physical security as well as resilient electricity and standby power supplies. This is where Secure I.T. Environments Ltd became involved; having been tasked with designing and commissioning flexible modular environments and power delivery systems to ensure operational continuity in the new hosting facilities during the years of growth that lie ahead. Cable & Wireless Project spokeperson said It’s not just that we need continuous uptime from our computer and business systems. As providers of secure hosting, our customers rely on our ability to deliver it too. It’s a chain reaction – if we go down, they go down and so do their customers. We live in an uncertain world. Wherever you look there’s risk – not just high-profile terrorist threats, but fire, natural disaster, human error, industrial action and cyber criminals. Any of these could compromise our ability to deliver the high levels of customer service and availability that we guarantee to our customers. Therefore we had to choose a supplier we could completely trust. The project was completed in a record 77 days, on target date to meet the client’s high volume launch dates. SITE’s Chris Wellfair states “There were many challenges of the project, including of course that Guernsey is an island, so getting personnel, materials and equipment there during the peak summer months gave us new challenges we hadn’t encountered before. C&W was delighted with how we ran the project and how we overcame obstacles that don’t occur on the mainland.”

Record growth year fuels office move

After a fantastic year of record growth, Secure I.T. Environments Ltd moved their office from Cirencester to more centralised headquarters in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire on the 1st September 2009. The new office allows room for new employee Caroline Wallace, who heads up the Accounts Department and to give SITE easier accessibility to their many clients around the country.

Secure I.T. Environments Sponsors Government ICT Goes Green 2010

We are delighted to be sponsoring and exhibiting at this years Government ICT Goes Green conference to be held at QEII Conference Centre on Thursday 16th September 2010. This event promises an exciting line up of speakers who will be looking at how the public sector can reduce emmissions and increase energy efficiency at the same time as balancing decreasing operational budgets. If you would like to know more about attending this event – take a look at:

Secure I.T. Environments Ltd – Global Success

Secure I.T. Environments have been awarded a major Data Centre build for QuoVadis Services Limited, Bermuda. QuoVadis Services asked Secure I.T. Environments to bid for their new Tier-III designed Data Centre, which will be constructed on the third floor of a new facility in the Capital town of Hamilton, Bermuda. Gavin Dent, the CEO of QuoVadis Services said: “Secure I.T. Environments Ltd have already successfully completed installation of one Data Centre for Quovadis in Bermuda. This, together with their extensive experience in working off shore gave them the edge over the competition. They also provided excellent designs for the Modular Secure computer room environment, which is critical to this new facility. The logistics, delivery of the modular room elements though a window on the third floor and very tight installation timeframes will make for a demanding project, which we are confident Secure I.T. Environments will deliver on schedule”.Secure I.T. Environments are looking forward to working with and supporting QuoVadis Services with the overall implementation of this project which is due to start in the Autumn 2010. QuoVadis Services owns data centres and collocation facilities in Bermuda and offers managed cloud services, production hosting and disaster recovery solutions including IaaS and PaaS in Bermuda and Switzerland. For more information on QuoVadis Services please contact at +1-441-278-2800 or visit the website

Government ICT Goes Green Conference

At GovNet’s Government ICT Goes Green conference which took place on the 16th September, Rachel Gentry, Deputy Director for ICT Strategy & Policy from the Office of the CIO stated that “Green ICT is not just about buying greener products or using ICT differently to cut our carbon emissions. It lies at the heart of the government agenda- being more efficient, reforming our approach and using ICT wisely to enable efficient and reformed front line services to grow the economy, reduce public spending and improve our service delivery to citizens. It doesn’t matter if this is done by central government, local government, third sector or local communities. What matters is that we do it now, and we do it sustainably.” Rachel also informed the audience that she expects the Coalition Government’s new ICT strategy to be released before Christmas, and that green will be a key driver of future plans in line with the government’s commitment to cut carbon emissions in Central Government by 10% in 2010. Dave Williams, Head of Innovation and Architecture at the Environment Agency also spoke about “the most sustainable ICT contract in the public sector” and said “In designing and awarding the Service Procurement contract, the Environment Agency has practically demonstrated that it’s possible to deliver both financial savings and sustainable ICT services. Embedding sustainability considerations into every part of the contract, its governance and its operating processes has ensured that we will buy less, travel less, use less energy and waste less. We are offering this contract as a concrete example of what can be done and hope that others will follow our lead – to save money and to save the environment.” Andrew Tait, Deputy Director for G-Cloud, Apps Store and Data Centre Consolidation at the Office of the Government CIO, spoke about reducing energy consumption through the government cloud. He stated that goals for the programme included ”reduction of ICT costs, supplier lock-in, time from idea to service and carbon footprint” and stated that this would be achieved through “deployment across the whole of the public sector, the sharing and re-use of all relevant public sector ICT services across organisational boundaries, and driving standardisation and simplification”. Andrew also spoke about the current situation of “hundreds of public sector data centres running to different standards, some at capacity limits, others with unused space” and stated that goals going forward included “the reduction to an optimum number of resilient, efficient and secure data centres that may also act as infrastructure for the G-Cloud, and maximising the amount of data centre consolidation to help the public sector achieve savings”.Also speaking at the event was Pip Squire, Engineering and Project Director of Ark Continuity Limited who spoke about high integrity data centres. Pip said “If anyone tells you that their stand alone tier III data centre has a PUE of less than 1.1, there is something missing from the ancillary infrastructure which includes transformers, UPS standby generators, security, admin, welfare and maintenance” Pip also discussed cost reduction potential and said “The greatest cost reduction potential during the whole life cycle of a data centre is during the design and implementation stages. The greatest learning potential is during the operational stage. By creating the virtual and virtuous cycle of continuous improvement throughout these three elements combines (design, implementation and operation) and whilst putting research and development at the core, one has the greatest opportunity for best performance at the lowest life cycle costs”

Secure I.T. Environments mountain bike winner

Sean Evans from IPO in Cardiff was the lucky winner of the Secure I.T. Environments mountain bike. The mountain bike was part of the Government ICT Goes Green Competition held in September. Sean and his team will be putting the bike to good use as office transport for those looking for a quick and easy way of getting around locally.

Two Winners of Green Mountain Bike

Once again Secure I.T. Environments supported the Government ICT Conference held at the QEII in London at the end of January. Another excellent conference focussing on energy efficiency and green issues that relate to Government, in particular raising concern over the consolidation of public sector services across the board. We were able to offer a number of clients innovative methods of providing sustainable growth and greater energy efficiency within their data centres, without impacting on business resources, which proved useful to many clients at the conference. Secure I.T. Environments once again ran a lucky draw for a green mountain bike which was won by Richard Harley. Richard works for Land Registry Information Systems and has decided to raffle the mountain bike and donate all proceeds to Children’s Hospice South West. Secure I.T. Environments are delighted that there will be not one, but two winners of the mountain bike but more importantly that proceeds are going to such a worthy charity.

Raising Funds for Children’s Hospice South West

After winning the Secure I.T. Environments mountain bike at the recent Govnet event, Land Registry went on to raffle the bike a second time and raised a fantastic sum of £332 for Children’s Hospice South West. Congratulations to Wayne McNaught of Land Registry who won the mountain bike raffle and everyone who assisted in this fundraising venture.

New Appointment – Divisional Sales Director

We are pleased to announce that due to increased business opportunities, Secure I.T. Environments Ltd have appointed Mr Darren Davies as Divisional Sales Director. Having worked with a major OEM for 10 years in the I.T. sector, Darren has a wealth of knowledge in energy efficient infrastructure solutions, in particular in-row cooling and intelligent power supply solutions within the Data Centre Industry, a topic that is high on the agenda of all I.T. related organisations. The directors and staff at Secure I.T. Environments Ltd welcome Darren to our specialised team, and we are confident that he will assist in increasing our market share in the design, supply and installation of Data Centres and its energy efficient infrastructure.

College of West Anglia Confirms Secure I.T. Environments to deliver new data centre build

Following a tendering process, the College of West Anglia have announced that Secure I.T. Environments Ltd has been awarded their latest Kings Lynn data centre project. This was due to our extensive experience in the Education sector, professional approach and ability to provide an energy efficient solution within time and budget constraints. The new facility will be a ‘total solutions’ project with Secure I.T.Environments Ltd installing the complete infrastructure and full on site project management. The installation will conform to a Tier Level III standard with a strong focus on the environmental and green issues which the College are keen to enhance in this build. This project will be key to the new Academic year and work will be commencing on site imminently with completion ready for the new College year in September 2011. Secure I.T. Environments is delighted to be working with the College team on this exciting project.