It’s been a busy time for Cable & Wireless (C&W) in the Channel Islands as the telecommunications company recently quadrupled its Guernsey operations. C&W, which owns Guernsey Telecom, is an important contributor to the island’s economy, with 99 per cent of its business originating overseas and C&W systems behind some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online business sectors.

It’s an increasingly competitive marketplace where nimble, robust and yet flexible infrastructure, continuous uptime and reliable uninterruptible power protection can mean the difference between success and failure. At the heart of C&W’s expansion in Guernsey lie three new hosting data centres, all dependent on high performance IT environments providing Business Continuity to benchmark standard BSEN1047 for physical security as well as resilient electricity and standby power supplies. This is where Secure I.T. Environments Ltd became involved; having been tasked with designing and commissioning flexible modular environments and power delivery systems to ensure operational continuity in the new hosting facilities during the years of growth that lie ahead.

Cable & Wireless Project spokeperson said It’s not just that we need continuous uptime from our computer and business systems. As providers of secure hosting, our customers rely on our ability to deliver it too. It’s a chain reaction – if we go down, they go down and so do their customers. We live in an uncertain world. Wherever you look there’s risk – not just high-profile terrorist threats, but fire, natural disaster, human error, industrial action and cyber criminals. Any of these could compromise our ability to deliver the high levels of customer service and availability that we guarantee to our customers. Therefore we had to choose a supplier we could completely trust. The project was completed in a record 77 days, on target date to meet the client’s high volume launch dates.

SITE’s Chris Wellfair states “There were many challenges of the project, including of course that Guernsey is an island, so getting personnel, materials and equipment there during the peak summer months gave us new challenges we hadn’t encountered before. C&W was delighted with how we ran the project and how we overcame obstacles that don’t occur on the mainland.”