Data Center Tier Standard

TIA 942 & EN50600 International Standard

The level of resiliency and redundancy needed within your data centre will be unique to your business. Our experienced data centre designers work with you to have a clear understanding over how data centre services should be tiered so that concurrent maintainability is maintained, and disruption minimised in the event of essential maintenance, power loss or even natural disaster such as flooding.

Our M&E infrastructures are designed to the highest standards to ensure you have the resilience you need.

Physical security is becoming more important than ever before as people realise how much of their operation outside traditional IT functions are becoming dependent on the data centre, whether it is IP-based phones, alarm systems, access controls or any number of other electronic systems.

Our design teams are fully versed in the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s LPS1175 standard, which aims to ensure every element of your data centre has the right level of physical protection to protect against theft and potential downtime.